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Frequently Asked Questions

Handling Fees

Includes postage and shipping materials. Based on dollar amount purchased. Rates subject to change.

Handling Fee Cost Table

Total Amount Shipping Of Order


$.01 - $30.00
$30.01 - $70.00
$70.01 - $120.00
0ver $120.01
$ 5.50
$ 8.00
$ 10.00
$ 30.00

The Inks We Use

Fiber Reactive Dyes vs. Pigment Inks

The product lines we offer use two types of ink products. Both are water-based. Both provide excellent color and light fastness. Although both are waterfast, the level of waterfastness varies.



Ochre Moon Boutique

Ink Type:
Jacquard Fiber Reactive Dyes

Garments, wall art and items that are regularly handled Are printed with Fiber Reactive Dyes. Fiber reactive dyes covalently bond with the fibers in the fabric. They have excellent abrasion resistance and washability
Custom Digital Service

Product Ink Type:
Epson HDR UltraChrome Pigment Inks
Wall art and items that are not regularly handled Pigment inks sit on the surface of the fabric. They held on using a bonding/glue agent. They have fair abrasion resistance and washability